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Ayame Ceramics

Hi! My name is Ayame Bullock, I am an artist who specializes in hand-built ceramics. I create my work from a tiny beautiful studio resting on the edge of a marsh, on our family farm on Orcas Island, WA. I want to create calming and timeless pieces that bring my love of the natural world into our homes and remind us to take quiet moments throughout our days.

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My name is Ayame Bullock, I live and create my hand-built ceramics on Orcas Island in Washington State. My work is inspired by the serene rustic beauty natural world, travel, my Half-Japanese-ness, and life experiences that have forced me to slow way dowwwn.

My body has a very direct way to tells me to stop, or to move into a new direction… it tells me this by getting sick… tearing an ankle ligament (and sitting with a brace for 9 MONTHS!! That was one of the hardest things in my life, but I avoided surgery and have a very strong ankle now), or developing adrenal fatigue and severe anxiety that gave me vertigo, dizziness, fear of doing anything… except sitting with a ball of clay in my hand and working from morning till night, slowly and diligently… this is how I became a ceramic hand-builder!

My pieces are made with pinch and coil techniques.. the slow process of hand building ceramics allows me to feel calm and centered in my own body, while creating subtle details and giving time and intention into each individual piece. I am always seeking out a balance in my work… between feminine and masculine, soft and hard, rustic and refined, simple and exuberant.

Now I have worked through the health issues that lead me to hand-building, I am starting to crave a faster pace. I am using the wheel for some projects as well as slab technique. I am starting to explore painting again ( I studied painting for my art degree at RISD) and look forward to seeing how the ceramics and painting will inform each other.

I want to create work that makes me feel joy and peace in the making process, and an ability to constantly explore with new techniques and mediums. I hope these feeling will transmit to you and inspire you to take a moment to slow down, and instill a sense of quiet joy, exploration, and ritual into your everyday.


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