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Harpswear Artworks

My distinctive pieces are made with expert craftsmanship to stand the test of time and weather. I love the process of building the block from salvaged wood, then prepping it to paint a bold dynamic design that will honor the tradition and enliven your space.

These islands are the perfect place for Barn Quilts!

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I have been fascinated with wooden Barn Quilts for decades. The idea of taking a single quilt block and rendering it in paint on wood is brilliant. I like the elemental aspect of simple design in this work and feel that these traditional folk art styles are worth saving, even as we modernize them through our interpretations. Leaning into my decades of experience and refinement of skill, I am able to create distinctive pieces that stand the test of time and weather.

Originally, an expression of heritage, a marker to direct travelers and as protectors of farm and family they are thought to bring good fortune to their owners. Simple shapes and vibrant solid colors make a Barn Quilt easy to see from afar and add a welcome burst of color to any home, garden or building.

These islands are the perfect place for Barn Quilts!


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