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Material Wit

MATERIAL WIT offers unique minimalist jewelry designed and made by Jessie Morrow in her Orcas Island studio.

Designer Jessie has created the new F O U N D collection from inspiration gathered on the beaches of Orcas Island where MATERIAL WIT is based.  Some of the pieces in the collection are cast from pebbles she discovered while walking along the waters edge.  Other designs, hand-forged in her Eastsound studio, speak to the movement of the shoreline where the water meets the land.

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In creating this collection artist Jessie Morrow was inspired by ocean textures created through elemental force.  An object once mathematically perfect and expansive (even self replicating) now decays under the forces of water, wind and earth.  Slowly giving into nothingness.

In an object’s movement within decay, its beauty is transformed and understood by the observer as different and all its own.  Worn by the very environment it calls home, the thing becomes another version of itself.  A shell, a stone, a piece of sea plant all have a version of this shared fate, to be ground down, reintegrated and inevitably consumed.

Many of us find beauty in these worn objects.  Perhaps it is because we recognize the release that’s necessary to transform.  That a little bit of chaos and destruction is just part of it all.  The pieces in this collection celebrate those transforming textures of nature’s movement and decay.  


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